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Shipwreck 1: Atlantic Princess

An easily accessible and stunning shipwreck, the Atlantic Princess is at a depth of 45 feet and can accommodate all diving levels. It is only a 10-minute boat ride from the fishing village of Bahayibe. The Atlantic Princess is an old passenger liner that is 99 ft (30m) long and sank in May 2009. Unfortunately, recent storms have damaged the wreck, with the top of the wreck being destroyed completed.

  • Easily accessible wreck

  • Ideal for any level of scuba diving

  • Allows penetration into the wreck for advanced divers

What you will see:

Beginner divers can stay near the surface admiring the schools of fish which swirl around the underwater structures while experienced divers have the chance for penetration diving. The wreck offers various compartments divers can swim through for a spooky and exciting dive. The wreck itself is now overgrown with corals and has many species of fish swimming around inside and outside. It’s a great place to practice photography as the juxtaposition of marine life and a sunken ship. See if you can spot some Nudibranchs!

Shipwreck 2: Saint George

There the Saint George is a famous local shipwreck which was sunk purposefully for diving. The Saint George wreck was sunk in 1999, and is now a 262 ft (80m) long freighter lying deep under the ocean. 

Special note:

  • Bahayibe is 1+ hour driving from Juandolio.

  • If you are staying in Juan Dolio, Boca Chica or a nearby city, we can arrange the transportation*. 

  • Our diving instructor will be with you throughout the experience. 

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