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Juan Dolio

Juan Dolio has the advantage of being a safe and gorgeous resort area and also having wonderful underwater environments to explore. Because of the protected bay and nearby protected marine areas, diving in the area is easy and enjoyable.

Just off-shore, where the waves break before entering the Juan Dolio bay, you will find a well-preserved reef with a variety of life. This is an easy dive with lots of marine biodiversity.

For more advanced divers, there are a variety of wrecks in the area. The Alto Velto, the Tanya V and the Hickory all lie within recreational depths. These three historical wrecks are now overgrown with hard and soft corals.

Site 1: Tortuga & Tunnel Reef

Overall, there are over 20 dive sites near Juan Dolio, with some of the highlights including Tortuga Reef,  Tunnel Reef, the Tanya V shipwreck and the little wall a small distance from the shore. There are several other shipwrecks which sank here a few decades ago, meaning keen wreck divers will have plenty to explore.  Moreover, Impressive rock formations are what this area of the Dominican Republic is known for, with Tunnel Reef being one of the dive sites featuring extraordinary rock formations and tunnels. 

  • Historic wreck sites with plenty of coral growth and fish life

  • Ideal spot for your advanced dive course and wreck specialties

What you will see:

In this shallow dive site, you will have the chance to spot a sea horse, octopus, scorpion fish and other masters of camouflage. There are also large schools of tarpon, pelagic fish, and shimmering schools of fusiliers.

Site 2: Tanya V Shipwreck

Resting on a sandbank at a depth of 20 to 35 meters (66 to 115 feet) near the Hemingway reefs, the Tanya V ship was sunk in October 1999. Stretching 60 meters long (195 feet), it’s an excellent site for advanced divers, dotted with beautiful coral and sponges, and teeming with barracuda

Special note:

  • Variable visibility dependent on rainfall. 

  • Our diving instructor will be with you throughout the experience. 

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